Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Birthday Party and Thanksgiving

So this year for my birthday I actually got to have a party!! We had it at my friend Olivia's house and it was tons of fun.

My Birthday landed on a bad day during the week, right before a holiday, so tons of people weren't able to come but that’s ok. We had cake, talked, played games and just enjoyed the evening. My party was actually the day after my birthday.

For my actual birthday my boyfriend Alan took me out right after I got home from work. He took me out to Aristo's, which is a Greek restaurant here in Salt Lake City. I love Greek food and was so excited. It was perfect. After that he took me over to temple square and we had a carriage ride over to City Creek.

I'd never been on a Carriage ride so even though it was freezing cold I was more than happy to jump in the buggy.

We got to cuddle up in blankets anyway. After that we went back to his place, had hot coco to warm up and watched a movie. Yes it was the perfect birthday. I was sad I forgot my camera, but I took a few pic's on my phone.

Thanksgiving this year was exciting! Alan and I went over to his grandmother’s house and chatted with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, while having some of his grandmother’s wonderful pie and yams. We couldn't stay there to long before we had to jump in the car and hurry on up to Tremonton for the main dinner. My sister and her family were going to be there so I had to see them. We loaded up the table with food and all settled in to a wonderful dinner. The food was amazing. I sadly couldn't eat to much because I was so stuffed from the pie and yams at Al's grandma's house.

After dinner we played some card games and then had another little birthday party for Lisa and I.

We had pie for our cakes and then opened presents. Or the nephews opened our presents. You can't help, but let them do it. They were so cute. It ended up being a wonderful weekend!


Salmon Tolman Family said...

What a terrific birthday! Three celebrations!!! Awesome!
I must say I'm a little glad I'm not the only one behind in blogging--I'm posting about Thanksgiving tomorrow even though it's the middle of January!

Stoichkov said...

Your friends look like the sort of people I would never tire of punching in the face.


Stoichkov x
The Hate Ideal